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Luxury accommodation, but also much more. Discover all our services for your pet (day nursery, collection service, training, hairdresser, veterinarian, accessories store and food for dogs...).


There’s No Place Like Home… And There’s No Place Like Dondertseen Resort for your pet when you're out!

For your vacation, a weekend trip, or simply to socialize with other dogs: If you want your dog to feel safe and cared for as best as possible even over night, our offer is the perfect solution.

This is waiting for your dog:

  • Plenty of rest and enough options to retreat to be able to feel comfortable even at night
  • Individual human contact
  • Their own cozy bed equipped
  • At Dondersteen Resort your dog can feel at home not only during the day but also at night

Our Style of Dog Boarding is designed to provide your pet with a totally enriched boarding experience, which we accomplish by giving pets the things they need most: behavioral choices, exercise, socialization, and the absence of stress.

We segregate the dogs according to size and temperament, and monitors each pack so that all dogs are in a stress-free environment. The dogs are rotated through several fun yards during the day (including our fantastic pool in summer). And they are never locked up or left alone…that’s right, there are no cages here..


We offer your dog a second home in our
5-star ambience anytime!

Our offer DAY CARE is targeted at business travelers, employed persons, “all day shoppers,” and other very busy dog lovers. A fun filled alternative that allows your dog to get some real exercise and socialization while you tend to your daily duties.

They will find:

  • A lot of space for running and playing in our spacious playground especially suited for dogs.
  • Much time for frolicking and playing with other dogs.
  • A tranquil, relaxing environment and a lot of cuddling time. More info on our service standards here.

More information about our service standards here.

What sets us apart?


With our constant attention, and our individually decorated suites, we succeed to mimic the comforts of home to ensure your pet feels completely relaxed throughout their stay.


Veterinary staff on site regularly and trained boarding staff on site 7 days a week. Rest assured your pet will receive the highest quality care while you’re away.


Unlike most boarding facilities, we monitor and chart water and food consumption, toileting and demeanour twice daily to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy throughout their stay.


Months of research went into our boarding facility to ensure our guests physical and mental needs are being met. Our accommodation offers play areas for those who love to explore.


Our entire facility is completely airconditioned for optimal comfort. Your pet will be kept cool during the warmer months and warm throughout winter.


We pick it up

Our specialized staff will travel to take care of your pet and bring it to Dondersteen Resort on the agreed date and time and, if you need it, we can also bring it back home at the end of his/her stay.

(+34) 645 254 587   |  info@dondersteen-resort.com



Do you have a reservation for your pet at Dondersteen Resort but you can’t make it personally to the resort to drop off?
We make it easy for you!
Request our collection and/or home delivery service anytime.
Our specialized staff will travel to take care of your pet and bring it to Dondersteen Resort on the agreed date and time and, if you need it, we can also bring it back home at the end of his/her stay.


At your request, the training of your dog can be supported, complemented or continued during his stay at DONDERSTEEN RESORT. We will create a training schedule tailored to your dog´s individual training level and specific needs.
Will do basic obedience training with your pet, catch up on little obedience glitches if necessary, and/or teach your dog new tricks just for fun. We will teach your dog the learning objectives in an individual, sensitive and consistent manner. Fun is a central aspect, as is the motivating of your pet without asking too much of him.
At the end of the stay, we will take time to talk to you about the training progression of your dog and will point out helpful tips and tricks concerning your daily life as a dog owner.


We offer the possibility to make a grooming appointment. Be it a special bath, a trim, or stripping. We attach great importance to a stress-free treatment with a lot of empathy, tranquility, and breaks. This way your darling can enjoy a special treatment and attention in a relaxed wellness atmosphere. For your convenience, you can simply book a grooming appointment as additional service when registering your dog.


We know: Your dog’s health is of ultimate importance to you. And we see it the same way! For that reason we make it especially simple for you to take care of your dog’s health: we offer all the important vaccinations and deworming for your dog in combination with a stay at DONDERSTEEN RESORT.
Make an appointment with our vet when registering your dog!

Breeding of purebred puppies

Dondersteen started with the breeding of Miniature and Kaninchen Wirehaired Dachshunds and Norforlk Terrier

Our kennel, Dondersteen Kennel, has had multiple successes with both breeds over the years.

Counting with championships from several countries, group winners, BIS, Monographic, World and European winners.